Mirtos Beach

Mirtos BeachMyrtos beach is one of the most famous beaches, if not the most famous, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia, as it constitutes a landmark for the island. It is not only known to people from Kefalonia but throughout Greece and all over the world, since it is ranked among the best beaches not only in Greece but also internationally.

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Xi beach

Xi beachA few meters from the point where the waves hit the sand, gorges of several meters are formed, consisted of muddy material, which usually causes sliding. For this reason, special attention at certain points is required.

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Petani beach

Petani beachPetanos beach is one of the most famous beaches in the area of Paliki as well as in the whole island. It can be found in the western part of the island, in the peninsula of Paliki. The route from Lixouri to the beach is magnificent and while descending, the view becomes even more impressive with its wild beauty, displaying such an image of inconceivable charm that captures the imagination.

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Platia Ammos

Platia AmmosPlatia Ammos is one of the most spectacular beaches of the Peninsula of Paliki and the whole of Kefalonia, which can be found shortly after Kipouraion Monastery. This beach shares common features with Myrtos, it is however, less known, and its landscape is associated to something wilder.

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Skala Beach

Skala BeachIn one of the most tourist areas throughout Kefalonia, in the area of Skala, one can find its homonymous beach. The area has developed in recent years as a purely touristic zone, which annually gathers a great number of, mainly British tourists. The vast Skala Beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area, which extends at least one kilometer before the town center and up to 2km

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AmmesIt is a small, sandy beach on the corner of the airport island. The fine sand, cleanliness of waters and tranquility make it an attraction for many of the residents. Quite close to the beach there are many rooms to let,whose inhabitants prefer Ammes.

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